Downtime [noun]

Definition of Downtime:

time during which an activity is stopped

Synonyms of Downtime:

Opposite/Antonyms of Downtime:

Sentence/Example of Downtime:

Developers are signing on to contribute to open-source communities and virtual hackathons during their downtime, using their skills to create a more sustainable world.

The intent is to stop thinking of downtime as inherently bad, and to not require the constant distraction of your phone or computer.

The company said its workers make an average of $22 an hour nationwide when not counting this downtime.

They need downtime, have relationships and have their own emotional needs too.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame co-inductee has used some of the quarantine downtime to focus on humanitarian work via his “Music Is Unity” Foundation.

The cybercriminal will send massive amounts of bot-related traffic to your site, which can cause significant downtime.

There are no social events to worry about in terms of downtime.

So any factory tries to be up and running whenever it’s supposed to be up and running, have no unpredicted or unplanned downtime.

Only the card reader has had any downtime of consequence, and modifications seem to have resolved its problems.