Freedom [noun]

Definition of Freedom:

independence, license to do as one wants

Opposite/Antonyms of Freedom:

Sentence/Example of Freedom:

You want to be right up to that edge where it’s dynamic and there’s freedom.

He has no idea what the brave men and women who have fought and even died in war for our country, and those in the military today protecting our freedoms, stand for.

Instead, Brazil’s National Congress is considering legislation that would violate the privacy and freedom of expression of the country’s 137 million internet users.

This limitless freedom that it feels like I can feel in her performance there.

He’ll remember his one moment of freedom, he claims, when he’s “old and bent.”

It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met.

Earlier this year, two-fifths of Apple shareholders supported a motion, which ultimately failed, that would have compelled Apple to uphold freedom of expression worldwide and submit annual reports on its human rights policies.

While pushing to retain core elements of the current e-Commerce Directive regime, including the country-of-origin principle and freedom to provide cross-border digital services.

People that want as little government as possible, and they want to maximize freedom.

The national security measures have fueled concerns about the state of Hong Kong’s autonomy from China, including freedoms of the press and the independence of its judicial system.