Rein [noun]

Definition of Rein:

restraint, control

Synonyms of Rein:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rein:

Sentence/Example of Rein:

He gathered in the rein until he had it six inches from the bit.

To use the one rein meant a crash into the rail, and surely death.

Then he wiped the rein with his coat tail and looked at it admiringly.

Throbbing with a grateful, craving allegiance, I seized the rein.

The first thing that occurred to him was to free Mukhorty's leg from the rein.

The moment he obeys the rein and drops into a walk, the hand is to be relaxed.

Some were mounted; some led by the rein, wiry little bronchos.

That rein was, like the horse and the buggy, of more than middle age.

He caught her rein and checked her horse along with his own.

Sometimes, when it was a little harder to pull the rein, he slackened his pace.