Harness [noun]

Definition of Harness:

gear for controlling an animal

Synonyms of Harness:

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Sentence/Example of Harness:

Around 2003, he drove over an hour west of his grandmother’s one-time nursing home to Hawkinsville, population 4,500, a quiet river town in rural central Georgia best known for its harness horse racing track and women’s state prison.

The minimalist shoulder harness gives me full mobility when I’m stand-up paddleboarding, but unlike some minimalist models, the foam padding spans the entire back of the vest, providing a cushion when I’m sitting in a fishing kayak.

Barve and his colleagues had fitted many of the woodpeckers in the area with tiny radio transmitters—which resemble a fanny pack held in place by a harness—to investigate their movements for another project.

Mynchenberg, who has a master’s degree in human-canine life sciences from Bergin University of Canine Studies, says she likes harnesses with handles because they offer an easy way to grab and hold your pet.

A comfortable harnessYou can avoid potentially strangling your dog by buying a harness.

In fact, except for Ramona's help, it would have been a question whether even Alessandro could have made Baba work in harness.

An old horse, with traces hanging and harness a wreck, stands snorting beside the boy.

When the number was ended, Burd Alling removed his head-harness and gravely shook hands with Jessie.

She found Mr. Rushmere busy adjusting and sorting divers pieces of harness.

He died in harness, his valiant spirit shining undimmed till the moment it was quenched by death itself.