Deterrent [noun]

Definition of Deterrent:

impediment, restraint

Synonyms of Deterrent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deterrent:

Sentence/Example of Deterrent:

Freeman’s industry contacts made it clear that 90 days in jail wouldn’t be much of a deterrent.

The pair also are requesting that Congress give the FTC power to issue large civil penalties to first-time offending businesses as a further deterrent to engaging in schemes like Amazon’s, which FTC commissioners called “outrageous.”

While collecting wastage data is a good business practice, O’Leary said it is most useful as a deterrent against vaccine providers mishandling or discarding doses irresponsibly.

The stock market’s record altitude was no deterrent to individual investors last month, who in true 2020 fashion ended the year snapping up shares.

Criminologists find that other consequences of problematic drug use – such as harm to health, reduced quality of life and strained personal relationships – are more effective deterrents than criminal sanctions.

A poorly operated nursing home clearly needs some type of deterrent.

Jia’s power had been cited as a significant deterrent to new investors, given his track record, but he gave up his ownership stake as part of his personal bankruptcy.

So from the failed deterrent form factor of the penitentiary to the idea of a reformatory where we cure crime, how we incarcerate has started to turn.

The low fee, however, can be a deterrent for larger firms and established defense lawyers who can make several hundred dollars an hour on retained cases.

As Beijing grew apart from Moscow in the 1960s, the need for a nuclear deterrent became critical in its assessment — China first tested an n-weapon in 1964.