Shackle [noun]

Definition of Shackle:


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Sentence/Example of Shackle:

Did I make them, I would not attempt to shackle the conscience of any one.

“Why, the beggars have knocked the shackle off the chain,” cried Raft.

My tormentors did not shackle me; I was spared that humiliation.

Sad and strange to say, it is also associated with the whip, the shackle, and the cowhide.

A town without a charter,' he says, 'is a town without a shackle.'

He went off again, and Shackle stood shaking his fist after him.

Shackle followed him, net in one hand, wooden netting-needle in the other.

Now, Tom, let the chain out; I will jump below and knock out the shackle.

He knows, Maurice stammered, that if he were to feel a shackle I would abandon——.

Shackle the chain again, heave taut, and cast off the lashings.