Chain [noun]

Definition of Chain:

succession, series

Synonyms of Chain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chain:

Sentence/Example of Chain:

She stood, in her young purity, at one end of the chain of years, and Mrs. Chepstow—did she really stand at the other?

Then he closed the spring with a snap, and she let him pass the chain over her hand once more.

From the ceiling, which was divided into compartments painted in dark red and blue, hung a heavy lamp by a chain of gilded silver.

An amount of slack in the chain caused the balls to knock on passing this roller before entering the pump bottom.

The large size of the rag-wheel gave the rapidly revolving chain and balls a great speed.

The writer having carried the surveying chain, was present at the trial at the Bodmin assizes in 1829.

One of them, a mere puppy, with a beard of English cut and a gold chain, had been at Rio—and twice!

It is divided throughout its whole extent by a chain of mountains, which in general owe their formation to volcanic eruptions.

The girl was dressed in a pearl grey and pink sports coat, with a large black hat, and carried a silver chain handbag.

I lay on the grass in the cloisters, and the Daisy Chain hung from the sky, and was drawing me upwards.