Row [noun]

Definition of Row:

sequence, series

Synonyms of Row:

Opposite/Antonyms of Row:

Sentence/Example of Row:

I promise you I shall not, Mr. Bines; they can row if they like.

A boat was got ready, and the captain got in, with four sailors to row.

This box was lined with a row of bunks, one above the other.

The train was drawn up, with hardly anybody about its row of open doors.

Then they disappeared like a row of post-holes into the distance.

Our cargo was nearly out, and this man and I had a row about some kegs of white lead.

We'll row, and send it back to you here by some one who is trustworthy.

He was lying in a row boat, and the boat was falling to the bottom of the sea.

They're all sitting in a row on that log, Max, and lookin' solemn-like at the cabin.

"He'd be an ugly customer in a row," remarked a fourth speaker.