Column [noun]

Definition of Column:

line, procession

Synonyms of Column:

Opposite/Antonyms of Column:


Sentence/Example of Column:

In the figure below, the column on the left is a list of all pages.

In a recent newspaper column, Josefowitz wrote about the pandemic affording free time to tackle procrastinated tasks.

When placed on the column, each ring slid down to its correct position, if possible.

A pressure sensor on a tag attached to a shark’s fin recorded the animal’s swimming depth at one-second intervals as the shark moved up and down in the water column.

At the end of my five-day experiment, I created a spreadsheet of my results, with each group getting its own column.

Many answers that went into the “no confidant” column should have actually gone into the “decline to answer” column.

My two eyes haven't quite the same focal length and this often puts me out of the straight with a column of figures.

The very first chords which Mademoiselle Reisz struck upon the piano sent a keen tremor down Mrs. Pontellier's spinal column.

He leaned against that same stone column, thinking, searching in his mind, feeling acutely.

Track of the count may be kept by placing a mark for each leukocyte in its appropriate column, ruled upon paper.