Rank [adjective]

Definition of Rank:

stinking, foul

Synonyms of Rank:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rank:

Sentence/Example of Rank:

In the matter of minor industries, sericulture holds a first rank.

"Faust" is the only play he ever wrote that can rank at all with a dozen of Shakespeare's.

They sat down and in their assembly they proclaimed his rank.

The authorities here have recommended him for promotion to the rank of Major.

I'd like to meet up with the yahoo that wrote that rank yarn!

Rank after rank in succession appeared: literally thousands.

That he should now rank as the most expert pilot on the station was quite to be expected.

I am more than I seem to be; she who weds me will not lack for rank and titles.

Be content to wait, and rank will find you in its season, or if not you, your children.

Who else, of the rank you describe, would be interested in such inquiries?