Musty [adjective]

Definition of Musty:

stuffy, aged

Synonyms of Musty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Musty:

Sentence/Example of Musty:

Your bank-notes had a musty odour, as if they were fast decomposing into rags again.

"You perceive I have the musty look of a solitary," said Davenport.

He was breathing in great gasps, and the air he breathed was thick and musty.

At your age the learning and comparing of musty laws 19 would have been dull work for me.

Dear me, George, have you brought that musty old paper up here?

A breath of dampness wafts to me The musty odour of the vault.

Ezra's eye dwelt oftener on these musty old books than elsewhere.

The air is close and vaporous; the domed chamber is damp and musty.

I took a musty volume from Allen Clinton, which he had unearthed from its resting-place.

Then through her musty veil her eyes were fixed anxiously on Atkins.