Filthy [adjective]

Definition of Filthy:

dirty, polluted

Synonyms of Filthy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Filthy:

Sentence/Example of Filthy:

The hornets also spent 94 percent less time chewing at filthy hive fronts.

They took a few souvenirs, and one filthy lieutenant ventured into the president’s dressing room and put on one of the president’s clean linen shirts.

Sly and The Family Stone are many people’s all-time favorite groups, so if you really want to smudge the filthy energy of 2020 away, play this song loudly and dance good vibes into your life and new year.

The rich and the famous are rarely at a loss for the appropriate materials to make a will, an act that has commonly extended for long stretches of the calendar to properly disperse filthy lucre and, on occasion, revenge.

While today’s natural language processing systems are more powerful than Tay, they suffer from a similar problem—if trained on filthy, controversial text, they learn to parrot the filth.

No escape from the steadily rising flood of letters and files,—none from the swarms of filthy flies.

This strip of land from ocean to ocean abounded in disease-breeding swamps and filthy habitations unfit for human beings.

Who answered, and said to them that stood before him, saying: Take away the filthy garments from him.

The thrifty of the colored race live well; the others who are indolent live in hovels which smell foul and are filthy.

In my new prison, black and filthy to an extreme, I sadly missed the society of my little dumb friend.