Vile [adjective]

Definition of Vile:

offensive, horrible

Opposite/Antonyms of Vile:

Sentence/Example of Vile:

What have I done—what has my wife done, that we should give being to a vile hound like this?

She is a vile girl, and has said a hundred insolent things to me.

I see already that from the world, vile as it is, you have nothing of contagion to fear.

A vile habit this, but one that it is to be feared will never be abandoned.

She cackled, and leered with vile significance toward the girl in the doorway.

I was furious with rage with this vile thief, and I pulled his big cloak off.

I am out of all patience with this vile world, for one thing.

I hope his heart cannot be so deep and so vile a one: I hope it cannot!

Belle spoke of this store as a "vile saloon" and of these men as "dockers."

Unworthy Edwin, to how vile and earth born sentiments has your heart been conscious!