Vulgar [adjective]

Definition of Vulgar:

rude, offensive

Opposite/Antonyms of Vulgar:

Sentence/Example of Vulgar:

To play upon the silver-voiced flute is Theban-like and vulgar.

She was quite unable to repress a vulgar interest in the menials that served her.

You wouldn't believe the vulgar things Harry would say out of pure fun!

He was vulgar with a vulgarity that went miles deeper than that of the major.

She says they're vulgar for an innocent country girl like her cousin, Agnes Lynch.

I need not tell you that to me reformations in morals are as meaningless and vulgar as Reformations in theology.

Nor let any one apprehend that this subject can ever become trite and vulgar.

In vulgar language, it was in the evening when Joseph attended his lady's orders.

There were vulgar reasons, too, that made me hunger for a victim.

Dorcas is a neat creature, both in person and dress; her continuance not vulgar.