Malicious [adjective]

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For the record, disinformation purposely misleads people, while misinformation is simply inaccurate, but without malicious intent.

With that, the researchers were able to achieve a cross-site scripting exploit that injected a malicious payload directly into the internals of the browser built into Jabber.

A security vulnerability in Android could have allowed malicious apps to siphon off sensitive data from other apps on the same device.

Also, Bing does “not want to index ” spammy content or pages that have malicious activities on them, he said.

In the fall of 2013, the party arrested hundreds of microbloggers for what it described as “malicious rumor-mongering” and paraded a particularly influential one on national television to make an example of him.

Each call that was picked up, they discovered, sent malicious code through WhatsApp’s infrastructure and caused the recipient’s phone to download spyware from servers owned by NSO.

Malicious persons in the town even declared that the lamented Torvestad had got his wife in a lottery at Christiansfeldt.

Malicious tongues went so far as to assert that he secretly and stealthily sold his handiwork.

Malicious fate had assigned to the most diffident individual in the company the trying responsibility of leading the way.

Malicious reports were also spread against them, which must have been almost harder to bear.