Vengeful [adjective]

Definition of Vengeful:

retaliating; hating

Synonyms of Vengeful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vengeful:

Sentence/Example of Vengeful:

And now, through flesh and bones that vengeful weapon grinds!

And if the people wish to believe us cruel or vengeful, let them.

But he lived on, embittered, vengeful, with gall in his veins instead of blood.

And then her eyes grew lively, her expression cunning and vengeful.

You act more like a vengeful spirit than a woman unconcerned in my affairs.

“Come back, or––” The alternative was lost in vengeful imprecation.

If she was vengeful and vindictive, it was what the country had made her.

Suddenly there was a cry, and it rang with vengeful triumph.

He ceased; then with a sudden, vengeful yell, ‘It’s that woman!

He told me he was experiencing a feeling of unutterable relief, of vengeful elation.