Unforgiving [adjective]

Definition of Unforgiving:


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Sentence/Example of Unforgiving:

It is enough that we will not be proud, resentful, or unforgiving.

The unforgiving sunlight seemed to cut the court into two parts.

It was respected when it spoke out like an unforgiving mistress.

"Well—he's gone after 'em now," he added in an unforgiving tone.

Eliza, with her sensitive, unforgiving nature, could not make allowances.

Surely John Carvel, with his great, kind heart, would not be unforgiving.

He also possessed rather an unforgiving temper when injured by any one.

"And I call it proud and unforgiving," said Dorothy, indignantly.

Must I think of you living out your life, proud and unforgiving, and wretched to the end?

He likes to think that he is unforgiving and relentless, but he has a woman's heart.