Unsympathetic [adjective]

Definition of Unsympathetic:

without agreement in feeling

Synonyms of Unsympathetic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsympathetic:

Sentence/Example of Unsympathetic:

It was awkward that his own people were all of them so unsympathetic about the children.

And this unsympathetic Sir Terence did not explain them to you?

“You can search me,” said Reid, in his careless, unsympathetic way.

And Charlie, with a sigh, looked around at the unsympathetic and hurrying throng.

Your nation is one always in rebellion against its unsympathetic governess.

I should have thought I was the last person to be unsympathetic to—to aspirations of that kind.

I gathered from Whibley that it disliked me, thinking that I was unsympathetic.

The complaint was unjust; I was not unsympathetic, at least not at the commencement.

Yet we may find them harsh, unsympathetic, unkind, objectionable.

The stony, unsympathetic Nora O'Malley agrees with me at last.