Icy [adjective]

Definition of Icy:

frozen; slippery when frozen

Synonyms of Icy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Icy:

Sentence/Example of Icy:

“One of the things that NASA is really interested in knowing is whether or not there could be life in the subsurface oceans of the icy moons, like Europa and Enceladus,” says Batalha, of UC Santa Cruz.

This is why you can spread salt on an icy sidewalk and the ice will melt.

Even in its thinnest spots, the icy crust is probably at least a mile thick, meaning that anything alive must be swimming around in inky darkness.

Now he’s devoting some of his attention and expertise to other icy bodies in the solar system where, someday, history may repeat itself.

Afterward, they put the icy mix into a chamber where the air pressure was very low.

The third line runs thus: “How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle in the icy air of night.”

But the sun was getting warmer and the icy street would soon be slushy and the skates would cut through.

As the icy waters closed over him, he struck out boldly for the spot where he had last beheld the struggling youth.

Slowly but surely Reff Ritter came up out of the icy water, his teeth chattering loudly.

Their queen alone beheld his approach without a tremor; she turned on him the icy glance of her green eyes.