Chilly [adjective]

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The deadliest wave of the pandemic began in September, during a period of unusually chilly, wet weather.

This year’s warm, fairly dry summer pushed ripening and harvest dates 10 days earlier than a decade ago for producers in the usually chilly Mosel region.

It may not be underwater, but Google’s big data center in Hamina, Finland, also uses chilly seawater to cool down, and is also being powered by wind energy.

As the weather begins to cool off and outdoor dining in chillier parts of the country loses its appeal, the situation will only become more dire, and the need for government action more urgent.

They’re excellent for the shoulder months and post-work hikes that turn into chilly after-dark missions.

Scientists were befuddled as to why such a whale would leave its really chilly waters for the kinda-chilly waters of Southern California.

He was at first rather chilly and I soon found out it was on account of my having gone round his lines during his absence.

But spring evenings in Switzerland are chilly; Capt suggested their return to the hotel.

But there was something about the chilly expression in her eyes that made Delancy feel decidedly uncomfortable.

For instance, Lem Jones stopped and hitched his team before the store, one chilly day.