Frosty [adjective]

Definition of Frosty:

very cold

Synonyms of Frosty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frosty:

Sentence/Example of Frosty:

On the first frosty night, I read that three of four kits don’t survive their first winter, and half of those that do will perish within their second year.

By the end of the 2019–20 season, however, China signaled that the frosty relationship was beginning to thaw.

If you’re riding in cold, rainy conditions or the frosty mornings of moose season, you will appreciate having them.

An' her eyes,—she had wonnerful eyes,—would shine like de stars frosty nights in Virginny.

If the nights are very cold and frosty, the top of the plants may be covered with a light cloth or paper to protect the seed buds.

Watch took charge of it at once, pressing his warm body against the frosty fleece, and licking its face and feet to warm them.

Bricks used during frosty weather should be quite dry, and those that have been exposed to rain or frost should never be employed.

And on this path Miss Peyton was seen walking briskly to and fro in the frosty, but sunny air.

It having been a very fine clear frosty day-God send us more of them!

Out among the mass of red and yellow gold trailed a strand of frosty, glimmering pearls.