Amicable [adjective]

Definition of Amicable:

friendly, especially regarding an agreement

Synonyms of Amicable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amicable:

Sentence/Example of Amicable:

There will be an amicable settlement; and my word will be a knot in the chain of satisfactory evidence they will elicit.

Early in May amicable relations between the courts of England and Naples commenced.

In 1790 two societies were established in that city for the private and amicable discussion of miscellaneous questions.

With the rest of the Whitford society, the bride did not enter into intimate, or even amicable, relations.

You have memories and associations in common that the new-comers know nothing about, and quasi-amicable rearrangements are made.

Finally an amicable adjudication and division out of court was arranged by common friends.

The word inimical implies un-amicable, or unfriendly, whence Michael was seemingly the Friend of Man.

The two walked off together, leaving Duplay and Sloyd very amicable.

It's to be a fight, yes,—an amicable business struggle, I hope.

At one period of their history, the foreign relations of the Japanese were of the most amicable character.