Kindly [adjective]

Definition of Kindly:

compassionate, helpful

Synonyms of Kindly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kindly:

Sentence/Example of Kindly:

Team advanced statistics did not reflect kindly on the Nationals.

If she uses your overtures as a chance to get meaner, then don’t abandon the tactic — kindly stick to it.

“We would like to thank Zhuyun Dai from Carnegie Mellon University for kindly sharing her DeepCT retrieval results.”

Facebook hasn’t taken kindly to the unofficial board’s public attacks.

There’s no getting around the simple truth that the Joker is slow, to put it kindly.

The San Diego Ethics Commission doesn’t look kindly on officials who fail to reveal sources of income that might affect their judgment.

And if an earthly father would act thus wisely and thus kindly, "how much more your Father which is in Heaven?"

It must be confessed that he felt none too kindly towards Grandfather Mole.

The Professor thought very kindly of the dead cousin, whose money would provide for this great work.

Miss Anne smiled kindly, not dreaming of his perplexity, amused by his Southern warmth.