Humane [adjective]

Definition of Humane:

kind, compassionate

Opposite/Antonyms of Humane:

Sentence/Example of Humane:

She also has taken a new approach to some nonviolent offenses that she said would not only be more humane, but would free resources for fighting violent crimes.

Pandemic prevention aside, the use of this kind of vaccine could also provide more humane control of rabies, because culling bats is currently the go-to method of keeping the disease at bay in South America.

Despite all these efforts, questions remain as to whether biotech can ever dramatically reduce the industry’s emissions or afford humane treatment to captive animals in resource-intensive operations.

“I want to see people unify, regardless of differences, to win a humane balance for these otherwise voiceless souls,” said Maitely Weismann, who formed the group.

This solution is fair, it’s humane and most important, it will provide all schools with the funds they need to open safely in the fall.

But the rebels, presumably interpreting his humane suggestion as a sign of weakness, continued to fire on the Spanish troops.

There were semi-savage native chiefs, and there were others, like Aguinaldo himself, with humane instincts.

But this is not a humane and civilised nation, and never will be while it accepts Christianity as its religion.

It was a good and humane action to prevent bloodshed, but the world is not always worthy of good actions.

But would it not be more humane and more charitable to foresee the misery and to prevent the poor from increasing?