Human [adjective]

Definition of Human:

characteristic of people

Synonyms of Human:

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Sentence/Example of Human:

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, owns Calico, a startup researching ways to extend human life spans.

The data centers of the future will require less human involvement, instead being managed and run primarily by technologies like robotics and AI.

Fortune has learned that Nadia Rawlinson, the former chief human resources officer for Live Nation Entertainment, is joining the company at the end of the month.

All of these themes were woven into Bernard Tyson’s holistic vision of human health.

“The report lays out very, very well just how rare it’s going to be that people actually need to access heritable human-genome editing,” said Jackie Leach Scully at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

See how the North American places where humans have lived for thousands of years will shift and what changes are in store for your county.

He sought to reduce consideration of human concerns within the corporate boardroom and legal requirements on business to treat workers, consumers, and society fairly.

If O’Brien, 54, were to step down from her post as head of retail and human resources, Apple has a bench of lieutenants in place to take over.

The basic thing that we’re trying to get through is investing in the human capacity, not so much in rules, but in good judgment.

Oregon governor Kate Brown recently said that this cycle of fire could cause the greatest loss of human life and property from wildfires ever seen in her state.