Fleshly [adjective]

Definition of Fleshly:

lecherous, desiring sex

Synonyms of Fleshly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fleshly:

Sentence/Example of Fleshly:

The sound of them is sweet to the fleshly ears of the body; but to the ears of the spirit they can say marvellous things.

This being is compound, having a fleshly and a spiritual side.

His red face grew redder still, his talk suddenly ceased, and an ugly scowl gathered on his fleshly brow.

He reinforces the soul with the fear and love of God, and gives it power, complete power, over the fleshly appetites.

I take My part in that end!for the souls of mankind are not done with when they leave their fleshly tenements!

Which of us that is not more akin to Burns in his fleshly frailties then in his diviner spirit?

The spirit of the Italian law is willing enough, but its fleshly enforcement is curiously weak.

As gold and women have corrupted all worldly and fleshly men from the beginning, so did they him.

But after God came to Adam, and bade him know his wife fleshly as nature required.

Like disembodied spirits, they had long ago evolved beyond confinement to fleshly bodies.