Animal [adjective]

Definition of Animal:

beastlike; carnal

Synonyms of Animal:

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Sentence/Example of Animal:

Although humans might have hunted at the lake, the researchers found no stone tools or animal bones bearing butchery marks.

It was a forest that had persisted for more than 100 million years, sheltering a dizzying abundance of plants, animals, and fungi that were found nowhere else on Earth.

With that coupling, you also get 693 phase-detect autofocus points to enable face tracking for both people and animals.

They’re also a key food source for bigger animals like bears and whales.

Species ranged in size from smaller, doggish animals to somewhat cowlike creatures.

It’s easy to build the tools you’ll need to take down small-game animals.

Industry representatives convened a call with the USDA, the Food and Drug Administration and DHS about the impending disaster facing farmers, who would need to mass euthanize their animals if plants remained shuttered.

It seemed that invertebrate species could get by with innate immune responses alone, since the animals generally didn’t live a long time and could breed rapidly enough to offset deaths from disease.

The team hopes to begin tests in laboratory animals and eventually, in humans.

You can also apply the same principles to other animal or plant life such as mushrooms, bugs, or reptiles and amphibians.