Physical [adjective]

Definition of Physical:

tangible, material

Synonyms of Physical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Physical:

Sentence/Example of Physical:

The physical facts couldn't be denied, and beyond the physical facts I could discern nothing.

I am not condemning the physical alleviation of pain or the progress of physical science.

Physical pain has always been one of the great sources of fear.

I have said that the dominant thinking of our age is materialistic, and by that I mean also physical.

It is a question of physical vision, with spiritual comprehension.

There is a legal limit to physical cruelty; and there are also human limits to it.

Perhaps Anna's incapacity, which had always annoyed her, had been physical.

It was an exhilaration even to look at that embodiment of physical development.

And this illustration has significance for more than the physical order of revelation.

Marian was prepared to be the mental, the spiritual, and the physical mate of a man.