Palpable [adjective]

Definition of Palpable:

clear, obvious

Opposite/Antonyms of Palpable:

Sentence/Example of Palpable:

But the meaning was too palpable not to be understood at once.

We bathed in the shadows as though they were palpable, and from that came great refreshment.

How can they expect us to believe this transparent falsehood—this palpable device?

Sumner's influence ought to have produced some palpable results.

But this is the privilege of beauty, that being the loveliest she is also the most palpable to sight.

These palpable errors and absurdities are absolutely irreconcilable with their genuineness.

The artifice was too palpable to escape Rotha's observation.

What showed was the ugliness—so positive and palpable that it was somehow sustaining.

Carew's performance of the character is better still,—it is real; it is palpable.

Why had he suffered his disappointment to blind him to what was so palpable?