Straightforward [adjective]

Definition of Straightforward:


Opposite/Antonyms of Straightforward:

Sentence/Example of Straightforward:

Has finished the fourth form: is straightforward and obliging.

His eyes are brown, pleasant, set wide apart, straightforward of expression.

The question is the usual plain, straightforward, common-sense question.

He looked honest and straightforward and he evidently meant what he said.

He does not shuffle or prevaricate, dodge or skulk; but is honest, upright, and straightforward.

She did not want to vex Geoff, but she was unused to any but straightforward replies.

He understood her straightforward pride, if he had no appreciation of it.

It was a straightforward, honest apology and confession of fault.

We have some pitiful letters from them—not whining, you know, but straightforward and frank.

They claim to be the most straightforward and practical people in the world.