Indirect [adjective]

Definition of Indirect:

roundabout; unintended

Opposite/Antonyms of Indirect:

Sentence/Example of Indirect:

What they didn’t measure was the “indirect” effect of vaccines in preventing the further spread of the virus, even though some computer models have predicted that blocking transmission could save more lives.

Besides, high readability levels will make your content hard to understand for people with various cognitive disabilities, so this may be another indirect signal to Google that your content is good for a limited audience.

Under the newly passed requirement, brokers and consultants must tell employers the various forms of direct or indirect compensation they receive from vendors associated with a health plan.

Respiratory indirect calorimetry is typically done at a doctor’s office, although small, portable, more affordable devices are increasingly being brought to market.

One indirect way to do it is to fill it with three-dimensional triangular tiles.

Crowd marketing does not only provide pure SEO gains, but also indirect benefits.

Researchers like Rowland say edited pigs could also have the indirect benefit of lowering the chance that certain viruses will spill over from pigs to humans.

Understanding indirect microbrowser traffic and its relationship to social media can help correlate where conversions are really coming from, and whether you ought to boost or reduce spend accordingly to see a better ROI.

Due to the direct effects of the pandemic, in terms of the deaths it has caused, but also due to its gigantic indirect effects on fragile health systems in the developing countries, we’ve regressed.

In such cases, Synthesis, which is taught hereafter, develops an indirect relation.