Meandering [adjective]

Definition of Meandering:


Synonyms of Meandering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meandering:


Sentence/Example of Meandering:

The sight of him meandering about the room recalled these things.

Now, the Kennyfecks had been meandering after this fashion for some time back.

But mind you tell your wife just what I told you—and no meandering of your own—you hear!

Then, meandering through this wilderness of dubiety, ran thoughts of Oliver.

"Gimpy Gordon's meandering mind is well understood for what it is," he said.

As if only one person wrote in that flourishing, meandering style!

This was but meandering while waiting for ideas, and evoked another yell.

That's the beck, as they call it, meandering down from the hills.

Beyond, I caught the glinting of a narrow stream, meandering.

Here the current was very trifling, and the channel so meandering, that we sometimes found it difficult to work the canoe forward.