Nomadic [adjective]

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The geography of Asia and of Africa necessitated a nomadic life.

During the summer their reindeer are taken care of by the nomadic Lapps.

The place was a great rendezvous for nomadic Lapps, and I found many of them.

A tent of a nomadic Lapp was a model of cleanliness compared with this!

He was a nomadic Lapp, but had come to visit his sister, who had married a Sea Lapp.

The cases will show that, for nomadic people, the custom is necessary.

On the whole, however, nomadic life is at the present day the exception.

There have been times when settled life was the exception and nomadic life the rule.

The early Jews were nomadic in their habits, living in tents, and tending their flocks.

By mode of life the Bashkirs are divided into settled and nomadic.