Vagabond [adjective]

Definition of Vagabond:

unsettled; vagrant

Opposite/Antonyms of Vagabond:

Sentence/Example of Vagabond:

No vagabond I had ever known ignored time and duty more complacently.

Bless the place, I love the ashes of the vagabond fires that have scorched its grass!

He was a vagabond and an outcast, and scenes of horror were not new to him.

He had entered the shop at eight o'clock that morning a blackguard as well as a vagabond.

Before he went, he explained the mechanism of the Vagabond thoroughly to his friends.

I couldn't wait for you two, the Vagabond would have been a little pile of ashes.

But how, then, did the vagabond users of 'flash' language get hold of this word?

May the Devil scorch that vagabond, if he doesn't do better than the last time!

He has made the satrap, as you see, a fugitive and a vagabond in his own vast territory.

"Then Findelkind was a rogue and a vagabond," said the taker of tolls.