Shiftless [adjective]

Definition of Shiftless:


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Sentence/Example of Shiftless:

You're about the laziest and most shiftless man I ever came across.

Was she condemned to be altogether useless, shiftless, unprofitable?

Abner Dexter, on the other hand, was good-looking and shiftless.

But to have no time, no place, no order,—all going on in this shiftless way!

The village life abounds with jokers, Shiftless, conscienceless and shrewd.

Am I responsible for those too shiftless to fend for themselves?

Who has not noticed the power of love in an awkward, crabbed, shiftless, lazy man?

If we are idle and shiftless by choice, we shall be nerveless and powerless by necessity.

Paul, the shiftless one, the silent one, and Long Jim were there.

As for the Cranes—well, they were lazy and shiftless, for the most part.