Prodigal [adjective]

Definition of Prodigal:


reckless with money

spending money or using resources freely and recklessly; wastefully extravagant.

having or giving something on a lavish scale.

Synonyms of Prodigal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prodigal:

Sentence/Example of Prodigal:

Who, think you, does more injustice, a prodigal man or a saving man?

Swine were the natural companions of the prodigal, and the sooner he was with them the better!

Here, too, are the ironies whereof departed life is prodigal.

But for her Paula would not have returned, like the Prodigal son, to the father's house.

I am prodigal enough at times, but I will not part with such a treasure as that.

It is the love of a mother to her prodigal son that makes her pray for him.

The company is not prodigal of foot-warmers, that's certain!

I was received there with all the welcome it was possible for a prodigal son to be.

Mr. Cripps called me his 'prodigal daughter,' and Mrs. Cripps prayed over me.

She read of the prodigal son, and of Him who would not condemn the woman that was a sinner.