Dissipated [adjective]

Definition of Dissipated:

used up

Synonyms of Dissipated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissipated:

Sentence/Example of Dissipated:

Lady Victoria's earlier mood of colossal indifference had been dissipated by her son's return.

He may be considered as one of the learned few whose genius dissipated the gloom of the 8th century.

But this small fear was immediately dissipated when she ran in after bidding Amy good-night.

Bruce now suggested that the enemy, confident that his force was dissipated, would lie open to surprise.

He had the unmistakable air of the dissipated life; he was well dressed, and handsome, in a picturesque way.

In doing this work the electricity may, and often is, utterly dissipated—that is, changed into heat.

Sterile, dissipated and prodigal, she made her husband very unhappy, thus avenging the first Mme. Brunner.

But they have to fly close to it; its force is dissipated in another ten thousand feet, and the old earth's pull is still at work.

The revolution of 1688 dissipated the halo which had shed a fictitious light round the throne.

In three years he had dissipated three fourths of his fortune, but his passion for play gave him the energy to continue it.