Scattered [adjective]

Definition of Scattered:


Synonyms of Scattered:

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Sentence/Example of Scattered:

Scattered about she saw a few roots of wall-flowers, pinks and even some violets!

Scattered about lay the feathers and dismembered bones of some birds.

Scattered along the mainland of this vast continent there was, here and there, an island.

Scattered tales we have: "mimes" and other things there are some, and may have been more.

Scattered all around him from the torn sack was the food he had wanted to give to the cats.

Scattered about the counties of England are not a few schools which bear his name.

Scattered about the forecastle lay the dead bodies of the crew.

Scattered here and there were streaks and flecks of free metal.

Scattered over the turf, the flowers seem to be looking upward, like eyes.

Scattered about are heaps of rock, as if collected for building.