Condensed [adjective]

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In length there was no alteration, but the design seems more condensed, more compact, yet slightly wider in the opening.

The greatest part of the waste steam is condensed in heating the water to fill the boiler; what escapes is a mere nothing.

And there he waited in that hot gray cloud that pressed to the roof where it condensed and fell like warm rain.

It is, in fact, watery vapour drawn from the air next the surface of the ocean, and condensed in its ascent through the tube.

Long lectures may be given upon elocution, but the advice can be condensed into two directions.

Large manufacturing plants in the southwestern part of Virginia produce evaporated and condensed milk.

Taking a commonplace theme, he presents in four, eight or twelve lines a perfect miniature of condensed emotion.

At each end of the transept there are circular lights of condensed though pleasant proportions.

"Probably for some months on our present condensed air and food supplies," Crain answered.

And this left the gases which cannot easily be condensed behind, and they formed the air much as it is to-day.