Concise [adjective]

Definition of Concise:

short, to the point

Synonyms of Concise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concise:

Sentence/Example of Concise:

The object of the present work is to offer to the farmer a concise outline of the general principles of Agricultural Chemistry.

He had an excellent voice, possessed in a high degree the gift of concise and forcible expression, and his every word told.

"You must be more concise," said Miss Barrington; quietly, and Dane trifled with the hat in his hand.

You may depend on receiving regular though concise intelligence of my motions.

Definition is usually too concise to be clear, and needs an added explanation.

Next morning early, the Czar would receive a carefully worded, concise note on the points at issue, together with an argument.

Only a few months ago Mr. Vose wrote a concise history of the factory since 1822, which is interesting and valuable.

The exhaustive theme of coal and coal mining is made so concise and simple that a child can thoroughly comprehend it.

Here we have a divine definition of the false prophets in a very concise form.

Mr. Tyrold entreated him to be concise, and insisted upon the extremest forbearance and fortitude in his little audience.