Curt [adjective]

Definition of Curt:

abrupt, rude

Synonyms of Curt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curt:

Sentence/Example of Curt:

Curt as is the cable it has yet scope to show up a little more of our great K.'s outfit.

It seemed to her that she had lived for a century since the few hours before when Madame Malmaison had given her a curt dismissal.

"That will do," said Halyard, ungraciously, which curt phrase was apparently the usual dismissal for the nurse.

Had it not been for occasional curt, illuminative questions, Peter Gross might have thought him asleep.

There came the hard, curt questions and the command: "Outside—hurry!"

The superintendent entered a curt denial to her implied charge.

He gave curt commands and the others obeyed him without a word.

In most cases he is deplorably curt of speech and brusque of deportment.

Agnes stared down at the curt, cold little paragraph with excited horror.

Tarling greeted him with a curt nod, and without any preliminary told the story of the crime.