Unceremonious [adjective]

Definition of Unceremonious:


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Sentence/Example of Unceremonious:

However, he at once apologised for his unceremonious intrusion.

And to what mishap do you attribute Mademoiselle's so unceremonious departure?

Mrs. Madden was indignant at this unceremonious manner of arranging matters.

The exclamation was caused by the unceremonious suddenness of Mr. Bangs' exit.

On the contrary, he had cut their acquaintance in the most unceremonious manner.

I was in command—in my first command; and so unceremonious a visit was peculiarly annoying.

“I regret to have to come in this unceremonious way, sir,” said the lieutenant.

It was a slap-dash style,—unceremonious, free and easy,—an American style.

“Another attack, I hear,” he began, in his unceremonious salutation.

But Mr. Tremain was not to be carried off in so unceremonious a manner.