Formal [adjective]

Definition of Formal:

established, orderly

Opposite/Antonyms of Formal:

Sentence/Example of Formal:

Broadly, the war is between the formal linguists and the sociolinguists.

Taking place after the 400-person formal dinner, it’s geared specifically toward younger people and costs less than one-third of the spring benefit’s entry-level ticket.

No surprise, there’s been a trend away from formal event–oriented wear, but other than that there hasn’t been much change.

Those interactions are less formal than what you get with video-conferencing services.

It’s not as formal as perhaps a medical leave of absence where a third party is approving a leave request.

This tendency for informal learning to eclipse formal learning in terms of our behaviors is not limited to doctors or police officers.

Since apartments are already allowed in the areas in which it applies, the city can adopt the measure without going through a formal “re-zoning” process, which would trigger state-mandated studies that could take years to complete.

The hospital’s chief nursing officer told investigators that there had been no formal meetings to implement the ZIP code list with staff and that no formal policy was developed regarding its use.

The four researchers fed the Keller proof into a formal proof checker — a computer program that traced the logic of the argument — and confirmed it works.

Among the spaces Covid-19 has closed around the world are countless offices, nightclubs, and other habitats of formal footwear.