Prescribed [adjective]

Definition of Prescribed:

set as guide

Synonyms of Prescribed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prescribed:

Sentence/Example of Prescribed:

They recite in a timid and indistinct tone the prescribed fustian.

For this end he is fed, clothed, and prescribed for in sickness.

In short, fat is eaten daily by all ranks of people, in some way or other, in much larger quantities than is prescribed for soup.

A patient of his, you might say; anyhow, he prescribed for her.

If he caught cold there was the medicine Doctor Harley had prescribed.

He was carrying, insecurely, a jug of poppy-head and camomile, which had been prescribed as a lotion.

No, I think not, for Brassy prescribed for himself and I administered the medicine.

What medical man has ever lived who has prescribed for so many women?

Ask the student "doing" prescribed logic to explain the value of the course.

But the appreciative reading of any work of literature cannot thus be prescribed.