Ethical [adjective]

Definition of Ethical:

moral, righteous

Synonyms of Ethical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ethical:

Sentence/Example of Ethical:

Instead, each company or research group may need to work through ethical issues as their use of brain data progresses.

They were given info about three main ethical issues in this area — fairness, privacy and their sense of self.

She and colleagues have recently proposed five questions that researchers can ask themselves to begin thinking about these ethical issues, including privacy and autonomy.

We need a serious conversation on the equitable and ethical use of tech, what can be done to combat the spread of misinformation and more.

The series — both projects of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network — have been recognized for applying high ethical standards, as well as innovative approaches, to working with sources.

In January 2020, 32 percent of Americans said they were satisfied with the country’s moral and ethical climate.

The idea of chatbots based on dead people raises several ethical questions surrounding privacy.

Both moves were criticized for potentially crossing ethical and privacy boundaries.

That is not only our firm’s particular expertise as investigators, but our legal and ethical due process obligation in the representation of our clients.

Large-scale geoengineering projects are bound to be controversial, not only for their potential impact on the environment and on people, but for the ethical questions they bring up.