Equitable [adjective]

Definition of Equitable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Equitable:

Sentence/Example of Equitable:

Every penguin acts individually, but the end result is an equitable heat distribution for the whole community.

I don’t think anyone expects the US to send vaccine to Angola before it gets to Arkansas … The real challenge with equitable access is how to make it work.

Ideally, the Trusts Project would show the world a more equitable way to capture and distribute the true value of personal data.

These policies are the norm for most cities and represent a more equitable distribution of waste collection.

I love that my city is leading the country in environmental initiatives, but in order to continue to lead, we must be a leader in the equitable distribution of local clean energy.

That said, if we had convened the G7, the G20, early, we could have brought those groups together to try to orchestrate a response that was more equitable and fair to the global community as a whole.

Everywhere man is earnestly and sternly demanding an equitable distribution of the productions of nature and art.

That the tax was reasonable in intention, equitable in incidence, and in itself tolerable, few probably will now deny.

But let us leave these impotent railers, and attend a little to more equitable judges.

General sales expense must be distributed, on some equitable basis, over the total sales.