Unbiased [adjective]

Definition of Unbiased:

not prejudiced

Synonyms of Unbiased:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbiased:

Sentence/Example of Unbiased:

See the set lips of the 'unbiased twelve' as they retire for consideration of their verdict!

No truth seeking, unbiased mind can hesitate for a moment on which side to decide, after comparing them with the inspired word.

No statement of this kind is unbiased, for the pacifist has his own bias.

To an unbiased mind the evidence allows but one interpretation.

I want you to act from memory alone, unbiased by any outside influence.

What was more, I wanted an honest man who would form an unbiased opinion.

He must be unbiased in his judgment and impartial in his friendship.

Unbiased by others, she would never be likely to glance at it.

I am as unbiased in my views of the whole situation as man can be.

Always the dispatches he signed had been unbiased, fair, above the board.