Unprejudiced [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unprejudiced:

These views cannot fail to commend themselves to any unprejudiced mind.

The opinion given is an unprejudiced one for which he alone is responsible.

You are a witness, sir—a dispassionate, unprejudiced witness.

What he wished, he said, was to procure an unprejudiced enquiry.

You are a witness, sir,—a dispassionate, unprejudiced witness.

If this matter ever comes to trial how can we pick an unprejudiced jury?

But the existence of these ideas is patent to the unprejudiced reader.

This was the opinion of a cool, unprejudiced, and well-informed observer.

It has kep' me unprejudiced, what with owning orchards in both ends of the State.

Remember that you can't look at the thing with an unprejudiced eye.