Dispassionate [adjective]

Definition of Dispassionate:

unfeeling, impartial

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispassionate:

Sentence/Example of Dispassionate:

Like most Wikipedia articles, it will continue to change, a fluid draft of history meant to stick as closely to dispassionate facts as possible while regularly swatting off attempts to insert opinions and disinformation.

The survivors could narrate the most horrific experiences in a very dispassionate manner.

Any dispassionate risk assessment of the last several weeks of the campaign—whatever else corporate leaders think of the events of the last several years—would lead to the conclusion that those fundamentals cannot be taken for granted.

It must be evident to every intelligent and dispassionate man that these declaimers contradicted themselves.

Winston shivered a little at the dispassionate brutality of the speech, and then checked the anger that came upon him.

The form in which his religion was cast might suit some natures, but was too cold and dispassionate for general use.

Charnock did not care if he brought up among them or not, and watched with a curious dispassionate interest.

I do not know that I can be entirely dispassionate as I look back over this incident in my life.

A dispassionate view of the situation would have pronounced Jethro as useful to the pioneers in one place as in another.

Nothing could be a more complete vindication of herself than this respectful, dispassionate, and dignified language.