Aloof [adjective]

Definition of Aloof:


Opposite/Antonyms of Aloof:

Sentence/Example of Aloof:

No one could be on such terms with whites, and be at heart an Indian, they thought; so they held aloof from Ramona.

He stood aloof from Balliol, and, in spite of marked snubbing, steadily adhered to Edward.

So Piegan Smith and I stood aloof and watched the grim play, for the fate of a woman hung in the balance.

The images and pictures on the outside of the wall were made repellent, to keep strangers aloof.

Unquestionably he stood aloof from the battle, watching its progress at a safe distance.

After that Pike was a little more cautious, and kept aloof for a time; but Val knew that he was still watched on occasion.

The son alone held himself aloof; he walked, according to custom, plunged in deep sorrow by the side of the coffin.

Was it good news that the woman that he had thoughtlessly deceived held herself aloof from him and above him?

Never affect a foolish reserve in a mixed company, keeping aloof from others as if in a state of mental abstraction.

I will keep aloof, but they shall learn what a true revolutionist is capable of accomplishing.